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Luis Gonzalez
Wake Forest University

Welcome to the Módulos Interactivos!

Módulos interactivos de español is a series of multimedia units focusing on areas of Spanish grammar that require extensive practice for second language learners. This program is compatible with most textbooks and is meant to supplement them in presentation, practice, and testing. Each module briefly and clearly explains a given point in the target language.

The modules have been developed for students with some familiarity with Spanish. The bulk of the modules can be done by any student with a semester or two of Spanish in high school, since the only requisite to complete the modules is a genuine interest in learning Spanish, or at least in improving competence in the language. The modules are an excellent companion and complement for almost any textbook, at any level, including advanced levels. In addition to offering teachers many ideas on how to present and practice difficult points of Spanish grammar, the modules can also save them time in grading, as explained in Grading with the modules.

Each module briefly and clearly explains a given point in the target language. An English translation is available, if necessary, as are the answers to the exercises if a student cannot figure them out after one or several attempts. The aural and visual support, the color coding for the grammatical functions (subject, direct object, indirect object), and the quality of explanations increase understanding and retention of key points. The immediate feedback is an incentive for students to stay on task.

The exercises also develop problem-solving skills. Less than 200 exercises out of 3,400 require true/false-type answers (Adjective Position, Ser or estar, Por or para). Most of the answers require understanding a whole sentence and responding to it or choosing the best of more than one correct answer.

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